Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Elderly And Their Assets

      It’s important to make sure the family knows just what the assets are.  I know before my mother passed away, she was very worried that there wouldn’t be enough money to take care of everything.  We were concerned that we wouldn’t have enough money to pay off her bills and pay for her arrangements.  This was something my mother should never have spent anytime worrying over, but she did. After her death, my sister was going through some of her documents and found that she actually had much more money than she herself was even aware of.  My father had investments in stocks and bonds that she didn’t even know about.  My brother and sister and I ended up with much more inheritance than she ever knew.  It saddened us all to think our mother worried so over this and didn’t have the peace of mind of knowing everything was going to be ok.  If there had been some way that she could have known this before, if we would have just taken the time to find out before hand.  Worry is hard on the elderly and knowing that she did so was upsetting.  Find out what there is and what will be needed.  Plan ahead for that time when you will need to know. 

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