Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Financial Help For The Elderly

     Many Elderly are living on a very fixed income and can’t afford much in the way of extras.  They must budget their income very carefully and some struggle to the point that they give up many things they really need.  If your parent is in a similar situation and you or another family member aren’t in a position to help much, all is not lost.  There are many programs available that could be of some help. 
       Arrangements should be made early on for those times down the road where you parent will most likely need some sort of services to help them get by.  These types of services will most likely be that of some type of in home care such as health care, or some other type of service.  These types of services usually can run upwards of 19 dollars an hour.  For many elderly, this can add up to draining their nest egg pretty quickly.  Plan far enough ahead that this situation will not come as a major shock to both their finances and there emotional well being. 
       The local Social Services organization is a wonderful resource that should be tapped into.  This organization has government funded grants and monies to help.  If you contact them and explain your situation with them, very often they will be able to help in some way.  Another fine organization is the Area on Aging services and the Community Action group that also can be of great help.  They to have monies allocated from the government for helping the elderly.  Local branches of the American Red Cross provide Americans with help paying electric and heating bills.
       Often these particular organizations are given a certain budget that they have to make last for a certain quarter or even on a yearly basis, therefore, it is important to contact them as soon as possible to be able to receive such funds. 
       These two organizations would definitely be a good place to start when looking for some assistance.
       Many utility companies across the country offer support and assistance to Americans to help them pay their electric bills. Sometimes the utility companies will out source the administration of the program to the United Way. By contacting the local United Way office, you can see if they are aware of any assistance or support provided by any of the utility providers. 
        The Cancer Care Co-Payment Assistance Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance and cash grants to people who need assistance with paying hospital and medical bills that result from a cancer diagnosis.
       There are several programs that offer discounted and free prescription medications. They include Dispensary of Hope, Together RX Access, NeedyMeds, and the Patient Advocate Foundation.

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